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Christmas Gift Guide for the DIYer & Maker in Your Life

Updated: Dec 9, 2018

The big day is right around the corner so I've put together a buyers guide to help you pick gifts for the DIY fanatic and Maker in your life!

Disclaimer - This post isnt in anyway sponsored. If you do choose to buy any of the items through my Amazon Affiliate links then I will receive a small commission from Amazon though. This doesn't cost you anything but I just want to make that clear.

All prices are correct at the time of creating this post.

Lets start with the stocking stuffers, the gifts under £10!

First up I'm going to suggest Pencils..... yes, pencils! We're always losing our pencils so receiving a bulk pack would be very much appreciated on Christmas Day.

This STAEDTLER pack of 10 is £3.25 -

Next up we have a very handy gift. A non slip mat. Non slip mats are used for, as you guessed it, stopping things from slipping. They're very handy for use while using a router for example. Place one on a workbench and it will prevent the work piece moving on you. There are 'professional' options available but this Non-Slip Mat for under carpets and rugs works great and its only £5 -

I know what you're thinking.... Sandpaper?!? but trust me on this. A lot like pencils, it might not sound such a great gift idea but we hate buying sand paper but its a necessity. Receiving it as a gift is great for that reason! Sandpaper is like the socks & pants of the DIY world. Most used Grits are 80, 120 and 240.

This 50 pack of 80 Grit discs is £8.99 -

The majority of this section is less than £40 but one creeps close to the £60 mark.

First up we have wood glue. Wood glue is a must to have in your shed or workshop. You can buy the small bottles but there is a lot of savings to be had by buying in bulk. I bought this 3.8 litre tub of glue 3 years ago and I still have about a third of it left. Titebond is one of the most popular brands too.

Its currently £23.99 -

Remote control sockets are incredibly useful! I use them in my workshop to turn on my dust collection. Its so handy to not have to walk round and physically switch it on and off. Having the remote makes it a breeze. These are great to use in the house too! I have a remote control extension lead with my lights, TV and computer plugged into.

I have the Energinie brand, they're currently £29.98 -

This is my favourite choice on the entire list. This Katsu trim router shares the same specifications as the more expensive Makita brand but its a lot cheaper. I've been using it for roughly 2 years now and its still going strong. Its great for sign carving and trim work.

A bargain at £33.99 -

This is the reason for the category being 'Under £60'. You might be wondering why I'm suggesting a computer mouse on a DIY gift guide. Well more and more people are using the computer to design there projects and renovations. They use the likes of Google Sketchup and Fusion 360 to model and plan out their work. Having a comfortable and ergonomic mouse eases that work a great deal.

The Logitech MX Master is the best mouse I've used. Its currently £56.92 -

The first 2 items in this category just creep over the £100 mark.

Here is my thinking for the first 2 selections in this category. Most DIYers and Makers will have some battery powered tools. So the idea is to check what brand they have and to get them a tool to add to their collection. The tools are a lot cheaper to buy without the batteries so they are a lot more affordable if the person you're buying for already has them.

A good example would be a jigsaw. Battery powered jigsaws are a lot easier to use and much safer too. This DeWalt is £106.79 -

Another good example would be an Angle Grinder. They arent often a thought in most peoples minds but they are very useful to have. The battery powered angle grinders are much easier and safer to use as you dont have to worry about the cable.

This Ryobi is £108.57 -

Last in this category is a Vinyl Cutter. This is a rather obscure gift idea as not many makers think about getting on of these. They are incredibly useful and versatile though. They can of course be used to make Vinyl Decals but the're great for lots of other things too. I've used mine for creating templates for carvings, stencils for sand blasting and etching glass. I've also used it to make custom bandannas.

This Vinyl Cutter from UK Cutter is £192.99 -

These are the BIG gifts! The 'You're not getting anything else all year' gifts.

First up is a table saw. This is a big piece of kit so you need to make sure they have the space for it but a table saw is very versatile for both a maker and a DIYer. Its great for cutting sheet materials and making long straight cuts.

The Evolution Rage 5-S can also cut metal, not just wood. Its currently £265 -

I mentioned battery powered tools earlier in the list but perhaps the person you're buying for doesn't have any or the ones they do have are in need of an upgrade. Well I would recommend starting a new collection with a drill and impact driver twin pack. These tools are a must have for anyone.

The DeWalt 18v range has a great selection and their twin pack is £300 -

A bandsaw is definitely a high ticket item. I know that but if you are looking for that BIG statement gift then a bandsaw is often top of a lot of makers wish lists. They're so versatile and useful to have. Making curve cuts, straight cuts and even resawing possibilities!

The 14" Record Power BS350S is £699.99 -

That last category was very pricey so how about a free gift idea?

I'm sure you will have seen the custom voucher idea before. Its popular for couples to gift each other vouchers such as 'I'll do the washing up for a week' for example. Well this got me thinking, DIY & Maker Vouchers would make a great gift! I've created some examples but you could of course create your own. You are free to use these that I have created so it all it will cost you is a sheet of paper and the ink in your printer.

You should be able to save this A4 size version to make printing them easier.

I hope you found this gift guide useful and I hope you all have a very Merry Christmas!