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10 DIY Fathers Day Gift Ideas 2019

Updated: Jul 11, 2019

With Fathers Day fast approaching on Sunday 16th June, I thought 10 gift ideas would help you all out for some inspiration. Buying gifts is of course always and option but a handmade gift means so much more.

1. Bottle Opener

Bottle openers are a staple of any fathers tool kit. In this video, Jimmy Diresta shows a plethora of ways to make bottle openers. Lots of inspiration to be had.

2. Beer Caddy

Keeping on the refreshments theme, a beer or drinks caddy would make an ideal gift for this time of year. Summer is approaching and the BBQ's will be in full force. A caddy makes bringing out cold drinks a breeze. This one made by Make Something is a great example.

3. Coat Hooks

Dads are often the walkers of the family. They like to get out and feel the breeze in their remaining hair. A walk out with mans best friend is a great stress reliever. Why not make your Dad a personalised coat hook that also has space for the dog lead and toys too. This great example from The Carpenters Daughter shows exactly how its done. Follow her blog post here:

4. Drinks Coasters

This next idea is getting back to the drinks theme. Coasters aren't the first thing you might think of for a gift idea but when they're handmade they make the ideal present. I made these ones using some nails as an inlay material, how can you get more manly than that?! I also have a step by step blog post for it here:

5. Carved Movie Poster/Sports Team Logo

This idea is perfect for the movie or sports fan dads! Making a plaque for them showing their favourite movie or sports teams logo would make a brilliant gift. My example video is of the godfather movie poster. You could of course make them from other materials, not just wood. Let your imagination and creativity go wild with how to represent their respective passions.

6. Leather Wallet

The days of 'Cash is King' are gradually fading away but we still need to carry notes and coins just in case. A wallet is a must for any dad. This hand made leather wallet from The Red Smith is a great example of what can be done. You can take the design and customise it to best suit your dads tastes.

7. Bedside Organiser

We all have so much to keep track of, our phone, watch, wallet, change, glasses etc. Dads need somewhere to put it all at the end of the day. A bedside organiser gives them the perfect spot to store their daily carry items. This is a great example from Life X4!

8. Vinyl Record Storage Seat

If your dad is of a certain age, he will love vinyl. Its like the law. He is bound to have a collection of it in the loft, garage or shed somewhere. Why not follow along with Making It Out Of The Woods and make him a seat to store his vinyl collection in!

9. Headphones Pouch

Headphones. Tangled. 2 words everyone hates to see together. This knitted pouch from Hippy Noodle makes sure your dad will never have to deal with tangled headphones again! You could make him one from his favourite colours or sports team colours to add that extra personal touch!

10. Window Planters

Last on the list but no means least, we have window boxes! Not everyone has a huge space for a garden. We all know dads have green fingers, so if your dad loves to garden but lacks the required space, follow along with The Carpenters Daughter and make him a window planter box so he can get his gardening fix!

That's 10 DIY Gift Ideas for Fathers Day! What do you think of my suggestions? Do you have any ideas for handmade gifts? Share them in the comments bellow.

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