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Upgrading My Workshop Storage

My workshop space hasn't been working well for me so it was time for an upgrade! I decided to build a new work surface and incorporate storage options for sheet material, my router table saw well as shelves and drawers. This project is sponsored by Magnet Driver. Using the code: JOE25 will get you 25% off your purchase from them.

Materials Used:

  • 18mm Plywood

  • 6mm Plywood

  • 25mm MDF

  • CLS

  • Laminate Flooring

  • Paint

  • Wax Stain

Tools Used:

This was the back of my shed before I started the big clear out. The big frame is my fold down cnc table that hardly got used. To the right of that is my dust collection and on the lest are some wasted shelves.

With some space cleared I could turn my attention making some sawdust.

Using my track saw I first cut some 6mm plywood to box in the back of my workshop. I cut it to 108cm x 230cm. I also cut some 18mm plywood to form the new work surface. I cut to 2 pieces to 210cm x 60cm.

I used the track saw for the cross cuts too. I cut both pieces of 18mm plywood together so I could sure they were the same size.

Before boxing in the back I needed to add some scrap blocks. These will give me something to screw the 6mm plywood too where there aren't any studs. I made use of the Magnet Driver bits on this step. They help a ton when needing to hold a piece in place with one hand. The Snaker made it nice and easy to drive the screws in awkward positions.

I did add some expanding foam to act as insulation but it didn't expand half as much as I expected it to. At least its fire retardant.

Boxing in the back was as simple as using screws to hold the 6mm plywood in place. I added some 18mm pieces to the left and right side to box in too.

With the back boxed in its time to cut the CLS timber. I used the mitre saw to do this. I cut battens for the back and right hand side of the wall. The work surface will be secured to these. I also cut some pieces to make rectangular legs.

The magnet driver bits helped again when it came to screwing the battens in place. Holding the timber with one hand and driving with the other was much easier.

I put the rectangular legs together in place. Less chance of getting the sizing and positioning wrong this way. Just screwing the wood together like this isnt very strong... on its own anyway. When I add the plywood top and hardboard boarding to the sides it will be solid. The space I have to left hand side will be for sheet material storage.

On goes one of the 18mm plywood pieces. It gets screwed to the rectangular legs and the battens. The second piece of 18mm goes on top and just gets screwed to the first piece of plywood. This way, when the top gets ruined it can easily be changed for a new piece.

Next job was to box in the rectangular lags. This will add strength and prevent things falling off the shelves that will go in between.

A lick of paint makes everything look better. I went with grey try and hide any dust and dirt that will build up.

I needed to make some small shelves to prevent bits falling down the back of the plywood I boxed in the back of my workshop with. MDF was ideal for this. I cut up some 25mm MDF into 7cm wide pieces using my track saw. I then rounded over the edges with my router.

Using a jigsaw I cut out notches to let the shelves in around the studs on the wall. They then got 2 coats of white undercoat paint followed by 2 coats of magenta acrylic paint. These should be a nice accent colour against the grey.

Speaking of the grey. I wasn't happy with the shade of it so I added some black to darken it until I liked the colour.

To try and protect the work surface a little I applied a couple of coats of wax stain. I don't know how long it will hold up but its better than nothing.

To give a bit of a backdrop I screwed some laminate flooring in place. I got this as part of a damaged pack from my local hardware store. Its always worth checking what they have in the clearance section.

Adding the shelves in place now really makes them stand out. The contrast with the dark grey and dark brown laminate flooring shows of the magenta really well.

The space looks loads bigger!

It has made much better use of the space I had in my workshop for sure. I can store a lot more in the space and I've gained another work surface. I'm glad I left a space to the side of it for sheet material storage. That will probably be the most used space.

I really hope you liked this project and have most of all been inspired. I can highly recommend sorting out your work space to maximise it efficiency.

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