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It is in some respects a direct competitor to the KOTOR series of games, and has some elements similar to the Force Unleashed series of games. Plot The plot of the game revolves around the Sith assassin known as Dalok, who is sent from the Republic to assassinate the Emperor. With the help of the Emperor's former apprentice, Darth Malgus, the Emperor sends the Player character to rescue the Emperor from Dalok. Dalok is eventually discovered and is attacked by an Imperial Knight; the Knight is defeated and the player is forced to take up the Knight's weapon, a lightsaber. After defeating Dalok, the Emperor sends the player and Darth Malgus on a new quest: to find a planet known as "Belkadan" which is of particular importance to the Sith. The players must then travel to the planet, free its people from the oppression of the Republic, and destroy the Sith once and for all. Upon reaching the planet Belkadan, the player discovers that the Republic has turned it into a prison for Jedi and Sith to fight against each other. The player, along with Darth Malgus and a few other surviving Knights, are forced to fight the prisoner Jedi and Sith, along with the forces of the Republic. Gameplay The gameplay of Knights of the Old Republic: The Sith Lords was kept true to the storyline of the first Knights of the Old Republic game, with a new combat system (still based on that of the game's predecessor) and a new story-telling approach. This was considered to be a major step forward for Knights of the Old Republic. The player character is the commander of a squad of three Knights, leading a unique set of skills and abilities. The player is able to choose from a large roster of weapons, items, and vehicles. There are no more Jedi Consulars or Jedi Knights, instead replaced by Sith Infiltrators, who are mercenaries and spies. They will work for both sides and some will be loyal to the player. Players earn experience points to increase in level during battles. They are then able to gain more experience points by killing enemies, completing quests, winning matches, and buying items in the Republic's marketplace. Players will also be able to level up their character's skill tree, and it can be achieved in-game by leveling up the character's Combat skill tree. A character's level determines how much XP is gained per battle and with how many enemies. Leveling up a character




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DesperadosWantedDeadorAliveGoGhackpc [Updated]
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